Frequently Asked Questions

1). What is HotSpot Engine ?

It allows you to provide wireless hotspot system (authentication login) via wire or wireles networking and also charge for the internet connection on your own place.

2). What is the cost ?

HoSpotEngine requires just one time payment. No monthly, recurring fees, no yearly renewals. Just one payment for 1 year minor updates and 6 month email support. In addition, if you're not completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, we'll refund your money- hassle-free.

3). Do i have to install Linux / BSD OS separately to run HotSpot Engine ?

No, you don't have to install separately any OS including Linux / BSD , HotSpotEngine comes with integrated Linux OS. Always keep in mind HotSpot Engine is not a single web based application, rather than all-in-one solutions (Include Linux and Software Dependencies).

4). What are the server requirement for HotSpot Engine ?

For the requirement please take a look our requirement page, if you still having further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

5). Is it easy to install HotSpotEngine ?

It is quite easy to install HotSpot Engine. HotSpot Engine has an easy to use and fully automated installation procedure, Please refer to the HotSpot Engine User Guide for more information.

6). Do we need special hardware in order to install and run HotSpot Engine ?

No, HotSpot Engine only need general / off-the-shelf PC that capable to run 32 bit system. At this time there's no special built to be used in 64 bit environment. However you may use 64 bit PC to run 32 bit application, so it is possible to run the software in 64 bit environment

7). Is there a downloadable trial demo ?

Sure, we offer free 30 day trial version that installable on your own server, please contact us to get it

8). Does hotspotengine support DUAL WAN, MLPPP, or any advance network configuration ?

In short we can say hotspotengine is a billing system with built-in captive portal, however it comes with router functionality but its limited (masquerading and simple firewall rule).

9). Is it possible to install hotspotengine on a cloud or VPS server ?

Actually it is possible to install the software in such environments, however it requires further advanced steps unless you have a good linux skill we don't recommend this procedure, we will release special version (script based automation)- non ISO based to achieve this

10). Can i install/run hotspotengine software on Windows PC ?

Yes, you can use Virtual Machine Software such as Virtualbox, Vmware