HotSpot Software


HotSpotEngine is more than just a hotspot software, instead is an integrated captive portal software /authentication system/billing system run on Linux. Since the beginning HotSpotEngine designed for wifi enabled devices on the public area, however you may use in wired area. It's not just how the hotspot is connecting, rather all in one solutions. Start from the authentication until how the client is charged. HotSpotengine gives you a solution and many options, how your hotspot is being used.

Since HotSpotEngine itself, is an integrated in one solution hotspot software there's no need thirdy party authentication service is needed. It means there are no recurring monthly fees or license renewals. The installation processes take only a few minutes to be used. Moreover there's no need client software to be installed and it works in many platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

How it works

HotSpotEngine works between your public hotspot(wired/wireless) area and your internet connection. HotSpotengine Used to allow access to your internet gateway by using captive portal technology, before this the valid username password will be prompted. Upon successful authentication there are so much options such as maximum download , maximum upload rates, idletime, session time that can be configured from an easy to use web based interface. Furthermore you can create review detailed logs of system performance and the status of connected users.

Case Study

In order to help how hotspotengine is used, the following is an example based on a transaction at a public area such as cafe, restaurant and etc.
After a purchase is made, the operator will give a printed voucher which contain username and password got from admin panel for hotspot login. The customer takes his/ her voucher, back to wifi/wired enabled devices (netbook,PDA,Handphone,etc), the customer opens any internet address and finds they have been prompted to enter their username and password in the web form at login page and click login button. The entered username and password is verified by HotSpotEngine software and the customer may surf the internet, chat or read email as usual.